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SJS8729K selfish moronic bastard block others from going straight

moronic and selfish bastard block me from going straight. everyone please remember this low life bastard numberplate     more

Eu tong sen / Cantonment Junction

22 Apr 2019 around 330pm. Taxi driver turned right without checking for oncoming traffic. Luckily the oncoming car was travelling slowly. There are many accidents of this sort. The clementi junction .....     more

Bastard Cab Driver

Reckless , dangerous , no fuck given Cab Driver !     more

Asshole Merc Driver SDQ575X

Asshole merc driver trying to be funny at roundabout at Stadium road. Not even a look nor gesture from the old man after GIVING WAY to him.     more

SJR9003U Passat driver cyclist hater

sped past in high speed     more


Irresponsible driver

This driver hit my car twice when trying to park his car. Didn't even have the courtesy to leave a sorry note and contacts. Just walked away and later drove away like nothing happened.     more

My Grandfathers Road @Manila Street

SDB3366S Date : 29/04/2016 Time : 11:15 am White Driver VW parked ( no driver in car ) in the middle of the road at the stop sign at the Manila Street. No breakdown signs. Looks like driver gon.....     more

Lightning Speeding

Captured by car video Lightning speed towards Changi Airport     more

Lorry Driver Dreaming...

Lorry driver must have been dreaming and moved off when the lights are still red.     more

Driver switched lanes without checking blind spot.

At Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, SJH2452E switched lanes without checking his blind spot.     more


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