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Beware Reckless and Dangerous Brake Jammer @ ECP

Today 22/03/2019 Friday at 08:16 AM while I was traveling at ECP on lane 1 at about 88km/h. Suddenly a grey color Mercedes Benz hatchback SJR6268S tailgated my vehicle from my rear very closely and wa.....     more

SMRT taxi beat red light n plough into pedestrians, seriously injured few....

must b old ah pek driver again...     more

Rude & entitled driver SLR4266L middle finger when he is in the wrong

Was travelling on the overtaking lane, this stupid car was slow and decided to merge into my lane at around 80km/h, after highbeaming him, he decided to take things personal and slow down to 70km/hr. .....     more

Selfish Toyota driver SLQ5534Ljam braking forcing into an exit

This dumbass decided to brake abruptly during a heavy downpour, thankfully there wasnt any car behind me.     more

Driver of SLF4302D going against traffic directions

While finding a lot at City Square Carpark, driver of SLF4302D was found driving against traffic directions. It was a one-way direction road.     more


Irresponsible driver

This driver hit my car twice when trying to park his car. Didn't even have the courtesy to leave a sorry note and contacts. Just walked away and later drove away like nothing happened.     more

My Grandfathers Road @Manila Street

SDB3366S Date : 29/04/2016 Time : 11:15 am White Driver VW parked ( no driver in car ) in the middle of the road at the stop sign at the Manila Street. No breakdown signs. Looks like driver gon.....     more

Lightning Speeding

Captured by car video Lightning speed towards Changi Airport     more

Lorry Driver Dreaming...

Lorry driver must have been dreaming and moved off when the lights are still red.     more

Driver switched lanes without checking blind spot.

At Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, SJH2452E switched lanes without checking his blind spot.     more


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