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Technician jailed for hurling stone into taxi during dispute

SINGAPORE — He honked, hurled vulgarities and even threw a stone into a taxi after he pulled over and got into an argument with a cabbie on the expressway.

For doing so, technician Tanaraj Vellakannoo was sentenced to two weeks’ jail by the State Courts today (July 7).


According to court documents, Tanaraj had on Feb 4 honked at taxi driver Subramaniam Mariyappan, 61, as the latter appeared to have driven too close to him. They were exiting the Pan Island Expressway towards Changi Airport via Paya Lebar.

Mr Subramaniam, who was ferrying three passengers, then sounded the horn at Tanaraj and both parties stopped their vehicles at the traffic junction.

Investigations showed that Tanaraj subsequently alighted from his car and walked over to the taxi to confront Mr Subramaniam. During the dispute, Tanaraj hurled vulgarities at Mr Subramaniam and wanted him to get out of the taxi but Mr Subramaniam refused.

In a fit of anger, Tanaraj picked up a stone measuring about five cm by five cm from the pavement and threw it into the taxi without regard for the personal safety of Mr Subramaniam and his passengers.

The stone hit Mr Subramaniam’s elbow and one of the passengers was hit on the chin and sustained a 1cm scratch.

Tanaraj was found guilty of doing an act so negligently as to endanger the personal safety of others.

In sentencing yesterday, District Judge Salina Ishak noted that Tanaraj was clearly the “aggressor” and “overreacted” in this case.

“(Despite knowing) there are passengers (in the taxi, you showed) no regard for the safety of others,” said the judge.

However, she noted that the injuries sustained by the victims were minor.

Tanaraj’s wife sobbed when he was sentenced.



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