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sje665l cheapo idiot chevrolet cut across chervon marking when the road behind was clear

idiots with cheap life will never cherish their lives but to shame them online and hope they commit .....    more

By: tess

Bloody Cheapo Trash Lanjiao Black Honda Fit at Waterway Cascadia HDB wanna be Ferrari Driver

Lanjiao Honda Fit Cheap Trash Ah Beng Sai want to be famous in Waterway Cascadia HDB premises drivin.....    more

By: alainlee

SUV hit cyclist Bishan 03 May 19

SUV hit cyclist travelling on main road 3 May 19. Uploading for in case of claims or dispute.    more

By: FellowRoadUser

SMA671D bastard stream seeking death with his heck care attitude

bloody bastard want to seek death early with this kind of bo chap attitude    more

By: bayeesingh

Ahbeng on the road#4

roadhog    more

By: Ahgoh

Ahbeng on the road#3

roadhog    more

By: Ahgoh

Ahbeng on the road#2

roadhog    more

By: Ahgoh

Ahbeng on the road#1

roadhog    more

By: Ahgoh

Stupid SHB5401M SMRT taxi driver denied reversing taxi n hit behind

black out low educated n stupid driver    more

By: Walaneh