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Bloody Cheapo Trash Lanjiao Black Honda Fit at Waterway Cascadia HDB wanna be Ferrari Driver

Lanjiao Honda Fit Cheap Trash Ah Beng Sai want to be famous in Waterway Cascadia HDB premises drivin.....    more

By: alainlee

SJK2471J low class bastard vios driver tried to overtake on merging lane but failed like a loser

pathetic low class bastard wanna die die further, your life is cheap mine is expensive what are u tr.....    more

By: bayeesingh

EN8288B nissan low class trash road hog and change lanes without signals

ungracious bastard in a inferior car refuse to give way and somemore jam brakes and change lanes wit.....    more

By: alexdork

GBF3050E low class DHL van bastard got the cheek to drive 1st lane and swerve to his death

just wait for your fine, plus LTA illegal fitted hid lights    more

By: isabella

Reckless SJV3717L tailgate motorcyclist n sudden lane change

reckless tailgating n swerved in n out of traffic    more

By: Walaneh

SJS8729K selfish moronic bastard block others from going straight

moronic and selfish bastard block me from going straight. everyone please remember this low life bas.....    more

By: johnnylee

Bastard Cab Driver

Reckless , dangerous , no fuck given Cab Driver !    more

By: FaxLow

SLM2657G irritating underpowered tailgater low class loser gets owned

cut also never signal , and trying to push his 1.5 power to the max but failed sorely like a loser h.....    more

By: johnnylee

Grandfather road

Cut into lane withou signal .    more

By: Goh9814