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Beware Reckless and Dangerous Brake Jammer @ ECP

Today 22/03/2019 Friday at 08:16 AM while I was traveling at ECP on lane 1 at about 88km/h. Suddenly.....    more

By: SafetyMan

SKS8393H low life bastard treating his 1.5 cheap car like a 3 litre

low life bastard trying to be famous    more

By: tess

Reckless tailgating young chow beng idiot SJU9070J

two chow ah beng inside car, they will meet their ends on road soon.....    more

By: Walaneh

sjg1411k opc red plate perodua idiot cut across chevron marking to enter expressway thinking its malaysia

red plate idiot drive and treat our roads like malaysia    more

By: tess

SMD7217X doing last minute exit from middle lane past the chevron marking

inconsiderate idiot does not want to filter left early , caused obstruction on the middle lane and d.....    more

By: johnnylee

Fast n furious SJH8420H speeding

was overtaking car on left when suddenly a fast n furious car coming up real fast, speeding n tailga.....    more

By: Walaneh

yp7867p bastard lorry moron speed up to block me from changing lanes

as per above    more

By: tess

SJZ6222G toyota fortuner idiot trying to cause another accident

everyone is slowing down to filter left as there is an accident but this idiot bitch speed up and dr.....    more

By: tess

Speeding n tailgating SLN3649T

was overtaking other vehicles b4 I saw this car coming up fast.....definitely he was speeding beyond.....    more

By: Walaneh