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sje665l cheapo idiot chevrolet cut across chervon marking when the road behind was clear

idiots with cheap life will never cherish their lives but to shame them online and hope they commit .....    more

By: tess

SLP9505A road hogging idiot cut out and drive slow on purpose

bastards like this should be shamed hard online    more

By: alexdork

Bloody Cheapo Trash Lanjiao Black Honda Fit at Waterway Cascadia HDB wanna be Ferrari Driver

Lanjiao Honda Fit Cheap Trash Ah Beng Sai want to be famous in Waterway Cascadia HDB premises drivin.....    more

By: alainlee

Holding phone while driving

Asked by my uncle to upload Driver was driving very fast,reckless and holding phone on one hand    more

By: Xelzh

Fatal accident SKP2391T driver head decapitated

reckless speeding, abrupt lane change n swerving in n out of traffic    more

By: Walaneh

YP4274U ntuc lorry is an idiot, tailgating bastard

if i jam brakes can u stop in time idiot    more

By: alexdork

FBL2364A lawless motorbiker think he can get away with acts like this to avoid paying parking charges

Dear Sir. Madam, I would like to report an incident happened today at the junction of punggol cent.....    more

By: tess

smj965j inconsiderate lexus stop in the middle of the road exit to make phone call

At first I thought it was a car breakdown , traffic was extremely slow because of this lexus parking.....    more

By: alexdork

SMA5279P is an idiot, even if you lose your way stop being inconsiderate of those behind u

stop several times even at the main entrance to block others inconsiderately to those cars behind hi.....    more

By: alamakUindiot