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Dangerous driving by high performance cars

On 7 September 2018 evening at around 11:10pm along BKE near the eco-link bridge, a bunch of high pe.....    more

By: haccent

skg1663m cbkia cut like his father road make him famous

civic type r only u think lambo ah?    more

By: alexdork

SDZ4490H lanjiao COE car ISIS terrorist car begging to be famous

this joker begging to be famous !!!!! two different occasions commiting traffic offences. lets get t.....    more

By: isabella

WTH...Braking while filtering in, graduate from which driving school

Kiasukiasi almost si... On 23 Mar, around 5.10pm along ECP, this lady driver driving her cat mobil o.....    more

By: KiasuKiasi

Tailgating SLC1742C ah beng driver

tailgating chow ah beng driver    more

By: Walaneh

Maserati Hit Pedestrian & Drove Away

Inconsiderate VS Reckless. Pedestrian took own sweet time to cross the junction despite signal alrea.....    more

By: Marklwx

illegal U-Turn (where the CCTV?)

It's happened at Woodland Ave 5 near Woodlands ave 3 on Tuesday (Oct 4, 2016 around 620pm). Many ac.....    more

By: BenJef99

SY8865 - Does raising your hand give you right of way?

Hi bros, Today I encountered this vintage car (which surprisingly has alot of power) which just cut.....    more

By: Ren

Follow The Gallardo

Lamborghini Gallardo cutting chevrons to enter SLE (02:30)    more

By: Zulfadli