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Rude & entitled driver SLR4266L middle finger when he is in the wrong

Was travelling on the overtaking lane, this stupid car was slow and decided to merge into my lane at.....    more

By: Bensoh

SJG2636Y Honda Airwave wants to cause an accident

SJG2636Y driver failing to check blind spot before changing lane, unhappy that i honked him to alert.....    more

By: blastmewar

SKS8393H low life bastard treating his 1.5 cheap car like a 3 litre

low life bastard trying to be famous    more

By: tess

skk9704e stupid nissan road hogger jam brakes with ghost in front of him

bastard jam brakes for no reason with nothing in front of him. maybe met a ghost    more

By: alexdork

SLN7935R driver vandalised other car due to parking dispute

low quality low educated car vandal....    more

By: Walaneh

Road rage between cyclist n lorry driver, loser chinaman KO by angmo

proof chinaman can only bark but cannot really fight....    more

By: Walaneh

Mentally sick woman rage against other commuter

crazy nutcase, still ranting even when the commuter has left....    more

By: Walaneh

Kiasu n petty SCY98B BMW driver cant swallow pride of bring overtaken

BMW driver kiasu, petty n immature    more

By: Walaneh

SMD7217X doing last minute exit from middle lane past the chevron marking

inconsiderate idiot does not want to filter left early , caused obstruction on the middle lane and d.....    more

By: johnnylee