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Beware Reckless and Dangerous Brake Jammer @ ECP

Today 22/03/2019 Friday at 08:16 AM while I was traveling at ECP on lane 1 at about 88km/h. Suddenly.....    more

By: SafetyMan

SMRT taxi beat red light n plough into pedestrians, seriously injured few....

must b old ah pek driver again...    more

By: Walaneh

Rude & entitled driver SLR4266L middle finger when he is in the wrong

Was travelling on the overtaking lane, this stupid car was slow and decided to merge into my lane at.....    more

By: Bensoh

Selfish Toyota driver SLQ5534Ljam braking forcing into an exit

This dumbass decided to brake abruptly during a heavy downpour, thankfully there wasnt any car behin.....    more

By: Bensoh

Rude SKW3474U Honda driver cutting queue

long queue of cars going into carpark, yet this rude idiot just cut queue.....    more

By: Walaneh

Reckless, impatient n idiotic SKD9168P driver beating red light

impatient nreckless idiotic driver    more

By: Walaneh

SJG2636Y Honda Airwave wants to cause an accident

SJG2636Y driver failing to check blind spot before changing lane, unhappy that i honked him to alert.....    more

By: blastmewar

Lives risked for money

Comfort TAXI SHC 1189Y recklessly changed 5 lanes and drove against traffic in order to pick up pass.....    more


SKS8393H low life bastard treating his 1.5 cheap car like a 3 litre

low life bastard trying to be famous    more

By: tess