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SMRT taxi beat red light n plough into pedestrians, seriously injured few....

must b old ah pek driver again...    more

By: Walaneh

Blocking of pedestrian crossing.

This driver has no qualms stopping his/her car in the path of a designated pedestrian crossing, many.....    more


Dangerous zebra crossing

Came to zebra crossing, slowed down but taxi didn’t care, who dares wins, doesn’t stop the momen.....    more

By: Swordeater

SJQ9111J and SGB1889C failing to stop at yellow box and failing to give way to pedestrians at crossings

rude bastards who flout the traffic rules and waiting to get fines    more

By: alexdork

Taxi hit pedestrian at zebra crossing?

Did the taxi hit jogger at the zebra crossing? Location of incident: Zebra crossing at Telok Ayer S.....    more

By: wku

Merc driver failure to stop at pedestrian crossing

reckless n impatient merc driver almost knocked down children at crossing    more

By: Walaneh

Potential roadkill

Champion was trying to beat the light on the other junction and failed.    more

By: Daxter

Arrogent Merc Driver

Entitled Merc driver drive on zebra crossing. Quarrel with pedestrians.    more

By: Gun

How Kids Die

Mother and kids jay-walk. Mother does not hold kid's hand. Kid walks straight into path of oncomi.....    more

By: inahurry