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Man limps across road with oncoming traffic

Man decides to cross 4 lanes of traffic with his leg injury.    more

By: Joel3C

Idiot SHD6088S SMRT driver beat redlight n almost hit pedestrians

mtst b stupid old ah pek taxi driver    more

By: Walaneh

PHV completely disregard traffic rules

this joker completely disregard / broke all traffic rules 1) turn left on a go straight lane 2) did .....    more

By: rusev

Asshole Pedestrain

Asshole pedestrain crossing along Compassvale St X Compassvale Cres. Obviously he saw my car turning.....    more

By: Skylark

U believe I see U

Bideford Road.    more

By: choonmin

NTU new Nanyang Drive potential safety issue

Video 1: Video 2: Descriptions are in th.....    more


SME6227T selfish cheap car bitch cant give way to pedestrians and yellow box

stupid bitch thinks her car is more important than pedestrians and failing to stop before yellow box.....    more

By: alexdork

SMRT taxi beat red light n plough into pedestrians, seriously injured few....

must b old ah pek driver again...    more

By: Walaneh

Blocking of pedestrian crossing.

This driver has no qualms stopping his/her car in the path of a designated pedestrian crossing, many.....    more